We believe in stories. More so, we believe telling them with visuals have the power to change our world. 

Sourcing our substance from our bulging ethno-cultural annals and combining the elements of satire, imagery, mystery, creativity, and good old art, we spin stories which chart an avant-garde course for the emerging digital art market of this continent, and the globe at large. 
At The Artivists, we reconstruct the African narrative, one comic strip at a time.


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Know Thyself

While growing up, we watched Nollywood movies where the antagonist blame the devil when nemesis catches up with them. So, we try to picture what will happen when it is clearly proved that the so-called-devil had no influence in their evil plot and execution.

Hard Choices

This weeks short comic story tells the lockdown story from a citizen of a developing nation who lives from hand to mouth. With nothing to stock up the home, he is faced with the inevitable reality of finding his daily bread in the coronavirus infested streets.

Our Prize for Best Cartoonist

Sometime, in 2018, our founder made a pledge and the “The Prize for Best Cartoonist” was born as a fulfilment. Being a past Vice President of his Campus Journalism Mother Body, Union of Campus Journalist, Read more…

Our Tribute

Have you ever wondered what things could happen if everywhere is suddenly not peceful as it is? We at The Artivists NG have, and we know that we would not have been able to make this post if that was the situation.


Yesteryears, the Nigerian weather have pretty much been stable, moving from dry to wet season. But recently, there was a sign that is changing by the day.

Vision 2020

Several years ago, when the Nigerian Government came up with a plan they tagged "Vision 20:2020" which held a lot of positive outlook for the country. Fast forward many years later, it ended in the document it was drafted in.

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