Comic Central is a virtual academy by The Artivists NG and we offer courses related to the creative industry. We are partnering with Skill NG to make our courses available 24/7 for the learners convenience. Here are some of our courses below.

Breaking the Freelancing Jinx

We lunched on July 2, 2018 with a three-days free crash course on how to earn more as a freelancer. The course was taken on a WhatsApp platform.

The Art of Cartooning

The Art of Cartooning was launched with a free master class on the WhatsApp platform. It covered the basics of drawing simple objects to complex body shapes, how to put them together to make meaning.

Thinking Design

Our latest course; thinking design was created to help beginners learn graphics design. It was lunched in November 2018.

And many more

In subsequent times, we will be updating our curriculum to offer more courses ranging from comic books to animations and everything related to the creative industry.

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