Looong time! And we’re here again, this time, with a solution to frequent posts and content. Yes! and No! Yes, because this is one of those posts and/or content. No, because that’s not what the content of this post is about. It’s about the cartoon below.

The Solution – written and illustrated by Mujeeb

So, during the week, the Nigerian political sphere stood still for a rather disappointing debate among the Vice Presidential aspirants in the coming elections. But in the midst of the rants we picked something. About 4 years ago, one of the debaters that also happens to be the current vice president was on the opposition side. Like a smart guy, he and his party pounced on the lapses of the previous government and promised a lot of solutions. Fast forward to the debate, he is also receiving the same pouncing from those in the opposition. And we could only come up with one defence for him; wait till you get there (and let’s see what you will do).

Let us have your opinion.

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