Looooooong time peeps! We never intended to take so long. But finally, here we are.

This day we celebrate children all over the world because they are the future of the world. But as we celebrate, we must also ruminate.

This week, The ICIR reported the sad reality of the legal profession in Nigeria. The story which was titled ‘Wigs Without Welfare’ reported that Nigerian Lawyers were paid below the minimum wage. This and many other pathetic realities brought about our cartoon for this week.

Imagine that your child had a dream of becoming a lawyer. After reading through the investigative work of ICIR about the legal profession, what will your reaction be?

For us at The Artivists Nigeria, we believe it is about putting the necessary structures and reforms in place. Else, our children will have no platform to become the leaders we promised they would be.

Till next time, HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!!!

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