It’s a new week everybody. And a new week births new things.

The road leading to the Nigerian elections was rough. Well, every next level of a game can only get tougher. Let us gist about what’s on Nigeria’s Next Level.

Well, our president, A.K.A PMB would not let us for now because he decided not to give his inauguration speech on the day he was sworn-in into second term. He has however promised to deliver it on our new democracy day; JUNE 12.

As you have come to know us, we always find something to entertain and inform you. Just check below.

The speech


Well, Muslims around the world revere the holy month of Ramadan. So, we think, as a devout of the faith, Mr President is just doing what any faithful will do. But on a broader note, we wish everyday was Ramadan, at least we will be sure that some set of people will never deceive us, even if they are politicians.

Until next time, please note that this paradox is not for Muslims alone.

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