Hello everybodyyyyyy!!! WE ARE BACK AGAIN and with another paradoxical gist this week.

So, recently (in May), Mr President (PMB) was sworn in for a secon term in office. Two months later, unlike last time that took almost forever, he released his ministerial list. All office holders on the list happen to be former office holders like ex-governors, ministers, et cetera. Unfortunately there was zero representation for youths in a government that passed the “Not Too Young To Run” bill last year.

This birthed this week’s cartoon.


The list


Withe the saying that “Children are the leaders of tomorrow” and the parable of “what is coming but never arrives”, the situation can only be remedied by action from those currently taking the hit; Nigerian youths. We are sure this goes for many countries aside from Nigeria.

Till next time, do not wait on dreams, take action!

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