Sometime in April, during a graphic design session, Mujeeb got an idea. He confides in Ola and months later “26 Days of Yoruba Alphabets” was born. Ola and his team would provide the content, and Mujeeb’s team will create the graphic designs; a partnership between Atelewo, a Yoruba focused community and The Artivists NG was birthed.

For those who were not able to follow the series, here’s a quick rundown.

abd pelu atelewo 1

From early August to September, we both ran the series on our respective social media handles (@egbeatelewo and @theartivistsng) on Facebook and Instagram. For each day, a graphic design containing one Yoruba alphabet, a Yoruba word starting with that alphabet, and its English translation, was released. The audience were allowed to participate by commenting any Yoruba word they know of under each post of the series.

For starters, the Yoruba alphabets starts with “A” and ends in “Y” unlike. Unlike the English alphabets, it does not contain the alphabets “C, Q, V, X, and Z”. It however has an addition of “Ẹ, GB, Ọ, and Ṣ”. Of course the pronuciations are not the same as the English alphabets. But this platform ain’t for teaching that.

So now that the series have ended, What next?


download now!

That’s what we thought. So we came up with a compilation of the whole series. If you are interested in learning a bit of the basics of the Yoruba language, then click here to download.

That is not all. Not yet!

How about creating a merchandize from the series?

abd pelu atelewo shirt

That was another idea that came towards the end of the series. So we decided to make it a limited edition shirts. One shirt, one Yoruba alphabet, 25 shirts in total. But we will like to hear your opinion on this. Take the survey and help us decide.

See you in the future.

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