It’s well over two months since we rebranded our sister brand and expanded its scope.

For those who still do not know what The Central is all about, in summary, it is a virtual academy dedicated to teaching everything related to the creative field. Name it, art, design, web, et cetera.

So this week, we are releasing the much anticipated fonts bundle.

Font Bunde 01

This was a follow up to our earlier posts about fonts that designers must have in their arsenal. So, we decided to compile ten of them for our audience to download.

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Back to the font bundle, here is a list of the fonts it contain below.

  1. Avenir

  2. Bebas Neue

  3. Century Gothic

  4. DIN

  5. Futura

  6. Karu

  7. Lato

  8. Montserrat

  9. Poppins

  10. Roboto

You can get the bundle right here.

More freebies coming this way. Stay in touch.


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