Sometime, in 2018, our founder made a pledge and the “The Prize for Best Cartoonist” was born as a fulfilment.

Being a past Vice President of his Campus Journalism Mother Body, Union of Campus Journalist, University of Ibadan, as well as a well known cartoonist of the time, our founder took to stage to announce that from subsequent years, he, in the name of The Artivists NG will consistently sponsor the award category of Best Cartoonist.

2019 was the year the responsibility started and for the first time, we are proud to say we are gradually contributing to the growth of local creative talents and rebranding the scenery. As our founder stated, it was his dissatisfaction as how cartoonists are treated that urged him to do something about it. Ultimately, the award is geared towards encouraging up and coming cartoonists at the tertiary institution level of Nigerian Universities starting from the University of Ibadan.


The nominees for the 2019 prize were Adedayo Erivis (Winner), a cartoonist fot Indy Press, Obamina Godwin (Runner Up), a cartoonist at Mellenmby Hall Press Organisation,  as well as Iyilade Adeboye Samuel (Third place), cartoonist for PANS Press, all in the University of Ibadan.


The winner, Erivic, is currently a final year student of Philosophy. He serves as the cartoonist for his department’s press, NAPS Press, as well as for his hall of residence, Indy Press. He is also a Comic Artist and was the convener of Unibadan Arts and Comic Convention for 2018 and 2019 respectively. In mid-2019, he co-founded a comic publishing start-up, MC Multiverse and has published a Campus hero comic title, The Advocate, on Comic Wox.

The Artivists NG looks forward for more impact driven engagements in the future.


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