Hello readers, here is another entry in our collection of short comic stories. This week’s own is a special edition to celebrate the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, with a touch of paradox ofcourse.

While growing up, we watched Nollywood movies where the antagonist blame the devil when nemesis catches up with them. So, we try to picture what will happen when it is clearly proved that the so-called-devil had no influence in their evil plot and execution.

Know Thyself explores this using the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. What happens when we realize what we attribute to Shaytan (the devil) was just only us all along?

The Islamic belief is that Shaytan is always tied down in the pits of hell during Ramadan. So with no devil to influence or tempt into sin, who do we attribute that which we still commit in the holy month to? Food for thought.

On a lighter mood, our weekly avatar giveaway starts this week. Follow us on our social media handles (@theartivistsng) as we will posting a trivia this Friday. Till then, stay home, stay safe.


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