This Dinner is Our Chance

It’s another week and we’ve got another will; poetry!

This week we took a cue from what happened in the Nigerian Presidential Debate and we got inspired to continue our election series with a strong message from a poem written by Sage EBO and first published on

The Solution

Looong time! And we’re here again, this time, with a solution to frequent posts and content. Yes! and No! Yes, because this is one of those posts and/or content. No, because that’s not what the content of this post is about. It’s about the cartoon below. So, during the week, Read more…


By Damilola   Once every four years, the world gathers to fight for a golden trophy. It is a war with physical demands where sane men chase after a round leather object. Each warrior wants his name written from the ink of a net well protected by another warrior to Read more…