Know Thyself

While growing up, we watched Nollywood movies where the antagonist blame the devil when nemesis catches up with them. So, we try to picture what will happen when it is clearly proved that the so-called-devil had no influence in their evil plot and execution.

Hard Choices

This weeks short comic story tells the lockdown story from a citizen of a developing nation who lives from hand to mouth. With nothing to stock up the home, he is faced with the inevitable reality of finding his daily bread in the coronavirus infested streets.

Our Prize for Best Cartoonist

Sometime, in 2018, our founder made a pledge and the “The Prize for Best Cartoonist” was born as a fulfilment. Being a past Vice President of his Campus Journalism Mother Body, Union of Campus Journalist, University of Ibadan, as well as a well known cartoonist of the time, our founder Read more…

The System

This past week, it was made obvious that the academic body and the government locked horns due to an HR system meant to ensure that all payment platforms for civil servant is unified and ghost workers purged. What seemed like a good idea was seen differently by the academic union. So we decided to look at it from our opinion of what might be the reason for the disagreement.

The List

So, recently (in May), Mr President (PMB) was sworn in for a secon term in office. Two months later, unlike last time that took almost forever, he released his ministerial list. All office holders on the list happen to be former office holders like ex-governors, ministers, et cetera. Unfortunately there was zero representation for youths in a government that passed the “Not Too Young To Run” bill last year.

This birthed this week’s cartoon.

The Speech

It’s a new week everybody. And a new week births new things. 

The road leading to the Nigerian elections was rough. Well, every next level of a game can only get tougher. Let us gist about what’s on Nigeria’s Next Level.

Election Mattaz

So the weekend went and it had a lot happening in it. In the Nigerian political scene, some candidates refused to show up for a scheduled and live streamed Nationwide debate. That’s what this week’s cartoon is about. But as you become familiar with The Artivists, you’ll know we love Read more…